Hello there! [Intro & Master List]

Welcome to my journal. Let's see...a little about me. I am currently in college for photography. I also have lots of somewhat pointless little skills. I can juggle three balls and am work on a four ball pattern. I bake the best snickers cake you'll ever taste. Just be quick about getting a piece, the stampeding horde of hungry sugar addicts is sure to be close on your heels. Seriously. Those folks are like rabid wolves when there is cake in the vicinity. Oh! And I can fold exactly three origami figures from memory. Maybe four if you gave me a minute to think.

I am also so talented that I can fall over while stand still on a flat, level surface. That's right. I trip without actually moving. Beat that.

As far as writing goes, I've been making up stories since I was little. I remember writing one for class about a family of mushrooms who got rained on and grew so big they touched the sky. What can I say? Even in elementary school I was a fount of literary genius. Or something. Since then I've done a little work as an editor on a couple of school journals and took a few creative writing courses. I like to attempt NaNoWriMo every year, although November is really the worst month in the world for writing a novel. I did win once, and let me tell you, victory was sweet.

The Master List of Everything Fic

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If you'd like to see a few other things I've done, there might be some stuff I've not cross posted from ff.net. I'm Crystal Sampson over there. Read at your own risk. 
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Fic: Those Who Can't (Supernatural)

This was written for excoyote as part of the Supernatural Summergen challenge. It originally appeared here. I have made some minor grammar corrections, but otherwise it is untouched.

Title: Those Who Can’t
Creator: broken_cinders
Recipient: Excoyote
Rating: PG-13
Word Count or Media: 8500 words
Warnings: None.

Summary: Sam takes a job as a college counselor for a hunt. He might actually like doing this gig.

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Short version: Not dead.

Not really alive yet. Still working on that. But I'm crawling out of my hole to post a couple of old fics that somehow never made it to my journal. So hi! Enjoy the blasts from the past.

Considering posting some more personal updates soon too.
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Fic: Mmm Mmm Good (Supernatural)

At some point this was intented to be a fill for my h/c bing card. If I manage to get more writing done, I might still count it towards the homesick prompt.

Title: Mmm Mmm Good
Fandom: Supernatural
Character(s): Sam, Jess
Word Count: 1305
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: None

Summary: Sam never imagined himself to be the sort to get homesick at least until he caught whatever back to school bug was circulating at Stanford and he was laid up in his dorm for days.

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Fic: Dead or Alive (Supernatural)

Here's this past year's entry for Supernatural Summergen. I have no idea why I didn't post it sooner. Oh well....

Title: Dead or Alive
Written For: kogsy21
Fandom: Supernatural
Character(s): Dean, Sam, Jo, Charlie
Pairing(s): Gen
Word Count: 4,519
Rating: PG-13. Just remember Dean has a potty mouth
Disclaimer: Supernatural is not and never has been mine. I just like to borrow on occasion.

Warnings: None, although spoilers up through season 12
Summary: Dean didn’t like to get too close. Getting close only made the inevitable death harder. Yet, the people around him still seemed to worm their way into his heart.

Note to my prompter: I decided to go with your first prompt: instances where Dean’s protectiveness, toughness, and sense of heavy responsibility really play a role. I wanted to do something that shows those little sparks like we get in the show, so I broke it up into smaller shots. I hope you enjoy it!

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Art: Another Painty thing...(Supernatural)

Another post! And only a day later than the last. Who's impressed?

Another "painted" photograph for you. Again, none of this, besides the obsessive smudging and a few filters, is mine. I didn't draw or actually paint anything. Soon maybe.

Next, I want to start making more layered images from smaller ones. I've done photo compilations before, so this is only one more step. They definitely take longer though! I just haven't had the spare time to futz with any. Not on top of putting together the other photoshop projects I've got going. Maybe I'll start posting some of those comps too.

Anyway have an image. This one is from 9x11, "First Born."

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Art: Goofing off with Screenshots (Supernatural)

So, I've been super busy lately, what with my big show for art school and getting ready to graduate and looking for an apartment and working and...

The other night, I needed to destress. One of the things I love to do is "paintify" photographs. Let me repeat, I did absolutely no drawing whatsoever here. The point was to relax, not get angry. Since I've been putzing around with the Celebrating Sam prompt extravaganza over at ohsam. I was of course drawn to the "blind" prompt. We all know how I love me some blind Sam*. As I was surfing through screenshots, I came across this one and it just sparked a thought. I'm not ready to post the text that goes with this, but for lack of anything better to do, I'll post the image under the cut.

I love photoshop.

*I can't wait until I have a little more breathing room and can finish up some of the verse I've been working on. I want to post it soon. But until then, I'm probably about to start yet another short fic. le sigh.

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